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You may know Teresa from her role in the Oscar winning movie Hacksaw Ridge (2017), Lights Out (2016), The Choice (2016), Warm Bodies (2013) or I Am Number Four (2011). Up next Teresa will appear in the vampire fantasy television adaptation of A Discovery of Witches, where Teresa will play Diana Bishop and star opposite Matthew Goode. Please browse the site and we will keep you updated xoxo
Audrey / November 1st, 2016

Audrey / August 14th, 2016

New York Magazine – Teresa Palmer, Australian ex-pat and actress in the trippy Christian Bale drama Knight of Cups, has a knack for healthy living. She launched a wellness site with pal Phoebe Tonkin and hosts a YouTube show that delivers advice on mindfulness, from self-love to healing and letting go. Last month she penned an essay on why she chooses to breast-feed her 2-year-old son despite public disapproval. Speaking to the Cut, Palmer explained how being present with her son takes priority over everything, how being skinny is uninspiring, and why there’s no better love than self-love.

How I start my day: I wake up about 7 a.m. My son breast-feeds — he’s 2. So he will have his morning breast-feed. Then we get up, get ready, and go down to Cafe Gratitude, which is one of my favorite restaurants. I usually have vegan, gluten-free banana bread with vegan whipped cream. And I have a green juice. And my son has a green juice and some chia-seed pudding. And that’s usually our little routine for the mornings. I’m not entirely vegan and gluten-free — I just predominantly eat vegan food. I do eat sushi every now and then.

How I like to sweat: I probably haven’t worked out in the last six or seven months, mainly because I’ve been traveling so much and working so much. When I’m not working, I’m with my son, and I’ve been really trying to be very present with him. Working out is the one thing that I haven’t been able to add back into my daily schedule, given how crazy I’ve been. However, when I do get to the gym, I like to do an array of things. I specifically like interval training: raising the heart rate up really fast and then bringing it back down again for a couple of minutes, and then raising it up again and really spiking it — which burns a lot more calories and just keeps you feeling really fit. I do that by doing jump squats or interval sprints on the treadmill. I do it with kettlebell swings. I usually work out with my husband too. We’ll both go down to Equinox and they’ve got a little childcare center there, so we’ll put our son in, and then we’ll work out. I do a five-minute plank. And I notice that even though I haven’t worked out in six months, I still have muscle memory. If I do go back to the gym on the odd occasion, I can still plank for five minutes, which is really cool. I haven’t lost that yet. I also like yoga. That’s really fun. Yoga and some Pilates, and hiking as well.

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Audrey / July 21st, 2016

Prisc. / July 20th, 2016

Last night, Teresa and her husband attended the premiere of ‘Lights Out’ in New York. She was stunning in a black Michael Kors dress. Enjoy !

Audrey / July 19th, 2016

Audrey / July 19th, 2016

Audrey / July 19th, 2016

Audrey / June 14th, 2016

The ‘Lights Out’ actress tells us about her latest health campaign.

Aussie actress Teresa Palmer and best friend Cassandra Basile have watched a multitude of friends and family be impacted by cancer (Palmer’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015). And thats what drew the duo to Pink Hope, the Sydney-based preventative health organisation that focuses on breast and ovarian cancer prevention.

To celebrate “Pinky Promise,” the five year-old foundation’s latest campaign that asks best friends to openly share information about their health, Palmer — who recently announced her second pregnancy via Instagram — and Basile told Vogue about the things that keep her happy and healthy as can be, and why Pinky Promise is an initiative she’s deeply behind.

Below, Palmer shares her advise on living healthfully:

Name one thing that always makes you happy:
My son Bodhi (duh!) also this pregnancy with my next baby has been really joyful!

What’s the most important thing in your life?
Continuing my journey of self-development, mindfulness and spirituality means that my greatest wish — to raise conscious-minded children — will be easier to reach. The more I learn, the more connected I feel to teaching my children how to navigate life in a more conscious and aware manner.

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Audrey / May 22nd, 2016

Making it: Teresa Palmer, Elizabeth Debicki, Margot Robbie… Australian actors are getting the plum roles in Hollywood. No wonder the locals are nervous.

You see the palm trees? They tell you anything’s possible.” – Knight of Cups (2016)

Teresa Palmer is breastfeeding her two-year-old son, Bodhi Rain, and talking wistfully of home. “I just FaceTimed my dad in Adelaide and he was showing Bodhi the kangaroo outside,” she says, before going quiet. She can see the Los Angeles palms from her Beachwood Canyon address, high up in the hills, just below the Hollywood sign. The sign and the trees; each is an icon of the city, less an object than a grandiose idea, a beckoning gesture, a promise. Come here, they murmur, come and meet that earthly form of transcendence called fame.

In another part of the movie capital, Elizabeth Debicki is packing her suitcase. Again. Tomorrow she will fly to New York, don a green Prada gown and join the glittering A-list at the Met Gala before hopping on a plane to Perth to begin an independent Australian film. “It’s a trajectory I feel very proud of and I don’t know that it’s been done before,” she laughs. “I feel that I’m getting literally the best of both worlds.”

Margot Robbie is already in New York prepping for Anna Wintour’s gala, as well as the impending superstardom that will come with the two big studio films on her horizon. Meanwhile, Twilight actor Xavier Samuel has touched down in Melbourne to film a series for the ABC and await the release of his latest, Love & Friendship, a bigscreen Jane Austen adaptation. Sarah Snook, fresh from a stint on the London stage with Ralph Fiennes, is also home, but only briefly. “Work begets work,” she laughs, as she waits for confirmation of her next international project. And Yael Stone is in Sydney shooting SBS crime drama Deep Water with Aussie Game of Thrones actor Noah Taylor, before heading stateside to resume filming on the hit American series Orange is the New Black, which has also made a star of her compatriot Ruby Rose.

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Audrey / April 30th, 2016

It’s been a good year for Teresa Palmer. Earlier this year, she proved to be one of the most alluring characters to be wandering around in Terence Malick‘s visionary Knight of Cups, playing a stripper who seduces and travels along with Christian Bale‘s troubled screenwriter to Las Vegas. It’s the best work the young actress has done yet, though she proved equally endearing in John Hillcoat‘s enveloping yet problematic Triple 9, where she played the wife of good-cop Casey Affleck as he chased after a gang of high-end bank robbers. She also appeared in The Choice, the latest melodramatic tale of tortured romance to be spurred from the work of Nicholas Sparks. And mind you, she’s got another three or four films coming out by the end of this year, at least one of which has the chance of Oscar attention.

While on the red carpet for this year’s CinemaCon, Palmer stopped to talk with Collider’s own Steve Weintraub about two of those projects, specifically Lights Out, the highly anticipated horror film from producer James Wan, and Hacksaw Ridge, the long awaited and frankly unlikely new directorial effort from Mel Gibson.

On the former picture, which was expanded to a feature from writer-director David F. Sandberg‘s celebrated short, Palmer discussed why she liked the finished product more than the script that she originally received, and pointed out one scene that she found particularly memorable, if only because the shot – involving a tattoo-parlor neon sign – took so long to get right. After that, she switched gears to talk about Hacksaw Ridge, which she suggested might be the best film she’s worked on yet, before she went onto praise the performance of her co-star, the surpassingly talented Andrew Garfield. She was so enamored with his performance that she even inferred that he’s a lock for an Oscar win which, to be fair, he’s been long overdue for.

Lights Out will hit theaters nationwide on July 22nd, whereas Hacksaw Ridge is currently scheduled to see release sometime this Fall/Winter, in the middle of Oscar season.

Berlin Syndrome (2017)
Teresa as Clare
A passionate holiday romance leads to an obsessive relationship, when an Australian photojournalist wakes one morning in a Berlin apartment and is unable to leave.
2:22 (2017)
Teresa as Sarah
A man's life is derailed when an ominous pattern of events repeats itself in exactly the same manner every day, ending at precisely 2:22 p.m.
A Discovery of Witches (2018)
Teresa as Diana Bishop
Two lovers, young witch Diana Bishop and vampire Matthew Clairmont,have a dangerous adventure trying to find the very precious book "Ashmole 782" which brought them together and contains some of the biggest ever existing secrets.
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