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You may know Teresa from her role in the Oscar winning movie Hacksaw Ridge (2017), Lights Out (2016), The Choice (2016), Warm Bodies (2013) or I Am Number Four (2011). Up next Teresa will appear in the vampire fantasy television adaptation of A Discovery of Witches, where Teresa will play Diana Bishop and star opposite Matthew Goode. Please browse the site and we will keep you updated xoxo
Jess / September 29th, 2017

When it comes to our view on the same-sex marriage vote in Australia, ELLE isn’t shy about sharing our views. And loudly, if necessary. This month, they’re launching the #ELLEIsForLove campaign in an effort to spread awareness for, and support of, marriage equality in this country—starting with a six-page portfolio in the October issue of ELLE, on sale Monday.

We called on some ELLE friends to help spread the word, and the likes of Phoebe Tonkin, Sarah Ellen, Bianca Spender, Isabella Manfredi, Teresa Palmer, Miranda Tapsell, Margaret Zhang, Zoë Foster Blake and Nicole Warne (to name a few…) answered the call—lending their time, and image, to the cause.

This month, you may see these outspoken stars on social media sharing images of themselves wearing one of six custom-made t-shirts, supplied by Bassike and OneTeaspoon and designed especially for us by artists Luke Arnold, Ollie Henderson, Miranda Skoczek, Kitty Callaghan, Just Sayin’ Gir land Bassike, alongside messages of support—and of course the #ELLEIsForLove hashtag.

Jess / February 2nd, 2017

Cate Shortland’s kinky confinement thriller reveals her affinity for genre-tinged material, at no cost to her distinctive formal style.

Australian director Cate Shortland’s films feature a kind of threatening beauty. Their surfaces are too immaculate, too exquisite, not to be masking messier, queasier ideas and impulses beneath: the reckless, harshly punished sexuality of a teenage girl in “Somersault,” or a youth’s dawning realization of her Nazi brainwashing in “Lore.” In “Berlin Syndrome,” Shortland’s equally, intensely elegant third feature, the ugly subversion of seductive exteriors is built into the film’s very narrative, as a heady, sexy holiday hook-up turns overnight into an abusive abduction — cuing a nightmarish game of sexual control and captivity, in which toxic masculinity calls the shots. Adapted from Melanie Joosten’s 2011 novel, this arresting, slightly over-extended conversation piece marks Shortland’s first foray into genre storytelling — though the film’s aloof tone and angular gender politics keep it in the art-house domain.

That said, with sales already having proven brisk — a U.S. distribution deal was secured with Vertical Entertainment prior to its Sundance debut, with Netflix gaining streaming rights — “Berlin Syndrome” promises to be its director’s most widely seen effort to date, hinting at her potential facility with more commercial crossover projects. Between more trickily opaque stretches of character development, Shortland nails a handful of straight-up, nerve-shredding tension sequences, teasing a version of the film that might have tilted into full-bore horror.

As it is, the backpacker-abroad scenario that unfolds here is as coldly frightening as any grislier “Saw”-style version of events. Wandering aimlessly and alone through Berlin, young photographer Clare (Teresa Palmer, rather boldly underplaying) seems content to let adventure come to her, so when handsome, chatty local teacher Andi (Max Riemelt) takes an interest, a brief, hot dalliance with him strikes her as just the right degree of recklessness. After some romantic comedy-style courting — ambling through public gardens, correcting his adorable English errors, mooning over Gustav Klimt paintings — their relationship takes a sensual step up. As in her previous films, Shortland conveys the sense of touch with quivering exactitude, as Germain McMicking’s camera lingers deliciously over entwined expanses of skin.

The film’s steamiest, most ravishingly lit love scene comes, however, with a brutal hangover: The next morning, Clare awakes alone in Andi’s apartment to find all doors and windows impenetrably bolted, and her cellphone stripped of its SIM card. When her captor returns, meanwhile, she finds his demeanor drastically changed, his affable gallantry giving way to violent, chilly mastery — though he appears psychologically torn between blandly playing house (“Do you like pesto?”) and more perversely exploiting her imprisonment. The glowingly shot physical intimacy stops here — Shortland and screenwriter Shaun Grant show thankfully little interest in sexing up this grim chamber drama from this point — but “Berlin Syndrome” still demonstrates an acute awareness of body language and purely physical power-play, whether through touching the flesh or breaking it.

Read More: Variety

Jess / January 29th, 2016

We have added x gorgeous photos by Diego Uchitel for Grazia Magazine

Jess / January 25th, 2016

The refreshingly filter-free actress and earth mother fronts our latest issue

Our February issue, fresh on the stands Monday, spruiks “fashion to fall in love with”, so who better to be gazing out from the cover than the Australian actress it’s impossible not to love, Teresa Palmer.

Dressed in Burberry lace, the Adelaide gal shines with all the star-power of a Hollywood actress with a crazy-busy film schedule that includes this month’s The Choice and Triple 9.

Inside the issue, however, it’s clear her most important role to date has been the one of motherhood. Her admission of feeling “incredibly blessed” seems an understatement as she cuddles up to her baby son Bodhi in some of the season’s most romantic fashion. The fact her cherubic son (to American filmmaker Mark Webber) would be by her side on the ELLE cover shoot was never in question.

“I’ve really made a point of saying I’m the sort of parent who wants to be with my son,” she tells us. It’s a make-or-break condition of every new role she takes on. “I’ve been so impressed and, I’ve got to say, surprised that everyone has been so welcoming.”

Right now is Palmer’s time, and the 29-year-old attributes the confidence she’s radiating to a new-found direction in her career. “I really want to portray a woman who has a real voice.” Her days of playing merely the object of a man’s affection, she says, are in the past.

From the bear hug she’s receiving from Bodhi, it’s clear she’s very much the sole object of one man’s affection. “I want to have six children,” she laughs, amid talk of plans to set up house back in South Australia. It’s been a non-stop three years for Palmer and with eight films being released this year, it’s time to bask in the success.

With her guileless mix of warmth, humour and unbridled talent (not to mention her ability to perfectly pull off bohemian looks by Céline, Zimmermann and Louis Vuitton) it’s hard to believe she’ll be able to sit still for long.

The February issue of ELLE is on sale from Monday 25th Jan.

Jess / December 3rd, 2015

We have two exciting new scans from the December issues of Vanity Fair and Rhapsody Magazine…

Jess / July 15th, 2014

We found this really lovely interview with Teresa about Work & Love …

Audrey / May 18th, 2010

Teresa Palmer looks downright stunning in the April/May 2010 issue of British Wonderland magazine with Carey Mulligan on the cover. I’ve added some preview scans in the gallery. Hopefully we’ll get high quality, original scans of Teresa’s gorgeous feature soon.

Audrey / April 7th, 2010

Teresa is featured inside of the April 12, 2010 issue of Australian Who magazine with Dannii Minogue on the cover, which is the “25 Beautiful People 2010” issue. You can check out a preview on the left. Such a gorgeous shot of Teresa!

We would really appreciate it if the Australian Tezza fans could help us out and provide scans of the magazine as, unfortunately, it is not available to us locally. Additionally, we’re still looking for scans of the April issue of Cleo magazine.

Prisc. / March 18th, 2010

Back in January I told you Teresa was selected as one of the rising stars (one of eight Australians chosen) for a special feature photographed for an upcoming issue of Harper’s Bazaar. And now we have a peek of the image!

It was a New Year’s Eve photo shoot under the Sydney Harbour Bridge during the fireworks, Teresa Palmer is dressed as character Alice in Wonderland for Disney-themed photo shoot. She of course is starring in Disney’s upcoming The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Due out July 16, 2010 (United States).

I truly love the epic image of Ms. Palmer! Still unsure which issue this particular image is running in. I’ll hopefully find out soon and provide you with a scan.

Teresa features alongside other celebrities including former Adelaide model Michelle Leslie, actors Sophie Lowe and Rachael Taylor and singer Natalie Imbruglia.

Harper’s Bazaar editor Edwina McCann says Teresa was a true professional in the fashion shoot which included numerous fittings and five hours on a boat on New Year’s Eve.

“She was in these platform heels, a balancing act, on a boat, and she never complained once – a true professional. What a trooper.”

Teresa wears Collette Dinnigan in the picture for the Wonderland Project for Bazaar, creatively directed by Edward Coutts Davidson.

Edwina describes Teresa as “beautiful”.

“She’s landing ever bigger roles in Hollywood but she is still such a lovely down-to-earth girl – that makes her worth working with in my books. She’s a beautiful, Aussie starlet – she shines bright.”

Source: Adelaid Now

Prisc. / November 24th, 2008

More pleasant surprises! Miss Palmer is featured in Interview December 2008 with Cate Blanchett on the cover.

She’s featured with two new gorgeous pictures. She talks about some of her earlier projects and says that she used to work at a local mall dressed up as Strawerry Shortcake. And she talks about the upcoming Bedtime Stories.

My character is really famous and has great clothes. In real life, I’m always in tracksuits and never wear make-up.

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