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When the first trailer for the Point Break remake landed it was heartening to see Teresa Palmer surfing the crest of a wave like a true blue Aussie.

But prepare for your illusions to be shattered: the Adelaide-native can’t surf and didn’t master the art of surfing for the remake of this adventure film.
And one other thing, don’t call it a remake.

“It only has a very loose skeleton of what the original is about. It really is its own movie. It’s definitely not a remake, we’re calling it a reenvisioning,” Palmer told AAP.

“We pay homage to the spirit of the original film,” she said.

The original Point Break movie released in 1991 featured a lot of surfing from its two stars, Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, but Palmer says the upcoming Point Break is a more international film on a bigger scale.

This new modern film has moved on from surfing, if the trailers are anything to go by, to extreme sports such as snowboarding, rock climbing and base jumping.
In the trailer, Palmer appears to ride a wave in one of the few scenes that does still pays homage to the classic. However, as the Aussie actress explains though, you can’t always believe what you see.

“That’s not really me surfing. They had a big budget and they could do face replacement,” she said.

“I never grew up surfing, I was more of a farm girl.”

That said, it wasn’t all green screens and face replacement, Palmer did have to suffer a little for her art with some extensive under water filming in Tahiti, which she found confronting.

“I grew up on my dad’s property with a ton of animals and so being underwater was not natural to me at all. I had to really learn to overcome such a huge fear, it was really scary but I did it,” she said.

For filming, Palmer was taken underwater in a tiny bikini with a scuba tank of oxygen, strapped to the ocean floor, and then her oxygen was taken away while she had to act.

“You’re weighted right down to the bottom of the ocean you can’t escape, you have to sign for them and they come swimming in with some oxygen. It was insane,” she said.

The underwater antics weren’t the only scenes to get Palmer’s heart racing.

“The next week, we were filming in Italy, 10,000 feet high in the air on the side of the mountain so it was just an extreme filming experience,” she said.

Luckily, Palmer who had given birth to her son Bodhi just months before filming, wanted to do something adventurous at the time.

And the results, she thinks, speak for themselves.

“We think that audiences are going to respond to the fact that we are using real, elite athletes in all these different sports in our movie. And they were our mentors on the film to make sure that the sports look correct.

“Many of the top athletes in these different sports are actually in the movie performing as themselves,” she said.

Point Break will be released in Australia on January 1, 2016.

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