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Earlier this month, the gorgeous Australian actress Teresa Palmer (looking very much like a young Naomi Watts) appeared at WonderCon 2010 in San Francisco to promote Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. But since she was surrounded by hordes of genre press, she was of course asked about another, decidedly more grown-up project she’s been all but confirmed for – director George Miller’s long-awaited fourth Mad Max film, Fury Road. Naturally, she said she couldn’t talk about the project. Before WonderCon, however, I had the good fortune to catch up with Palmer at another press event for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, where I asked her about Miller’s film. She could not confirm her involvement, but someone else associated with the Disney film could. Find out what they had to say after the jump.

First, I tried asking Palmer herself if she could say anything about the film. “I wish I could,” she replied. “I can’t talk about, literally, anything. I can say ‘Mad Max’ [but] that’s about it. I’m not allowed to say anything about it. I can’t even say whether I am or am not doing the movie.”

Sorcerer’s Apprentice director Jon Turteltaub, however, was not so tight-lipped when I spoke with him immediately after talking to Palmer.

“She’s doing Mad Max next,” he told me.

I jokingly remarked that Palmer said she couldn’t confirm that.

Turteltaub – despite what one may think about his two National Treasure films – is actually a pretty funny guy. So without missing a beat he deadpanned, “I have no idea if she’s doing Mad Max.”

Then he laughed. “Actually, she said she’s probably doing it next. And she has to wear skimpy outfits. I’m like, ‘You poor thing! Just awful! When does it open?'”

Palmer, to her credit, spoke with me a little about Miller, with whom she was first slated to work on the director’s aborted Justice League project (in which she would have starred as Batman’s femme fatale, Talia al Ghul). And she talked about her appreciation for the Mad Max universe.

“Obviously Mad Max is a very iconic Australian story,” she said, “It’s what launched Mel Gibson, one of our hugest Australian actor exports. He’s so incredible in that film, and obviously it’s the whole post- apocalyptic era. Now, all of the sudden, these post-apocalyptic films have come back in and they’re very prevalent. I just saw The Road, which was very interesting. Charlize Theron’s in that, and amazing in it. So, yeah, obviously it’s a very important franchise for Australia. I think that any time I’ve mentioned Mad Max to anyone, they’ve said, ‘Oh, that so cool. It’s the best movie!'”

“So that’s it,” she laughed, “I’m trying to be very cryptic.”

Expounding on her love of Miller, Palmer remarked, “George as a person, he’s incredibly intelligent. He’s also very calm and there’s just something very special about him. I don’t know if I have words to articulate that. He has a vision and he can just create something… There’s something in his imagination and he can just create it. It ends up translating perfectly from his mind to the screen. He’s just brilliant. I think there’s a real technique and a real talent to that. He somehow manages to pull it off incredibly well. I’ve read certain scripts he’s created in the last few years and stuff, and he is just a pure genius. I think he’s very successful, also, because of the person he is. He’s just a very positive person. If you ever meet him, he’s so lovely. Just a teddy bear, so full of love, and passionate about filmmaking. I really think that comes through in his movies.”

So there you have it: Mad Max is awesome, George Miller is awesome, and Palmer is in Fury Road wearing skimpy clothing. Now who says we don’t love ya?

Source: FEARnet

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