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Welcome to Teresa-Palmer.Org your #1 fansite for the beautiful and talented Australian actress. Teresa plays Dorothy in the 2017 Oscar nominated Hacksaw Ridge. You may also know her from Lights Out (2016), The Choice (2016), Warm Bodies (2013) and I Am Number Four (2011). Please browse the site and we will keep you updated daily xoxo

UPDATE: We know we all thought Teresa’s next film was going to be called Say Nothing, however we can now reveal that the title has been changed to WISH YOU WERE HERE, so don’t be confused, it’s still the same film! Wish you were here is about a group of four friends that take a vacation to Cambodia, but only three of them return home. It’s billed as a mystery drama, where the secrets as to what happened on their vacation start to come out once they return home.

The film is directed by first time director Kieran Darcy-Smith and stars Joel Edgerton, Teresa Palmer, Felicity Price (who also co-wrote the script with Darcy-Smith) and Anthony Starr. No release date is set, but the film’s Facebook page hints that a trailer may drop in August. We can’t wait.

Meanwhile don’t forget to check out the gallery, we’ve added tonnes of new images to tide you over until we can next see Teresa on screen again in Wish You Were Here.

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